Thursday, August 13, 2009

Need to Brand Part 1

Branding is the bane of my existence. Ok, maybe I am being a little dramatic; however, after making and selling soaps (and other Bath and Beauty products) I have been all over the place. Consistency with color, material, texture, font, and logo is not a strong point with me. I have yet to find a “look” that satisfies.

Packaging for my CP soaps has seen many different looks. They have gone naked, cigar bans, shrink-wrap sleeves with cigar bands, shrink wrapped sleeves with labels, soapboxes with label, tied with fabric / tulle, and stuffed in organza bags. My newest “look” consists of a shrink-wrap sleeve with cigar band wrapped the long way.

Lotions, body butters, sugar scrubs, lip balms have all seen their share of change. Packaging for these products are usually dramatic changes. My lotions have seen bullet, rounds, cylinders, clear, natural, cobalt, and purple bottles…. Whew! Body butters went from tins to plastic jars. Lip balms from cobalt, natural, clear tubes. I think you get the picture.
So I am a bit inconsistent and lacking any sense of branding. I had one customer say, "You don't carry your Body Butter anymore?" The body butter was clearly sitting on the table, but I had changed the packaging and labeling.
I would not write this blog without having some sort of solution to my delimma. My first baby step will be to pick a pallet of three to four cordinating colors that I can choice when I create labels. Next step is to commit to a logo.

I have much brain storming ahead of me.


  1. we should talk about this! i have some idea's about your debate-Robin Stricklad-Dawson

  2. I like the labels you show at the top of this post. ~Amy