Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Book Of Days 2012

"Book of Days"

I would like to share what I will be taking part of for the new year -
"Book of Days 2012" with Effy Wild.  She is offering this free of charge, which is too kind!! She has already put much time into this year long process.  

This year was, well.....  difficult.  I really believe taking part in Book of Days will give me perspective, make me THINK and get to know myself.  I will be blogging about my experience once in a while here.  I know, this has nothing to do with soap, but this blog is about my life as well :)  

If you would like to sign-up for this or ask questions you can go here .  


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Soap and Etsy Sale

It's been almost six months since I wrote a real entry.  Seems like life gets in the way of the things we really want to do!  Or I just suck with time management.

Since I last wrote I have been making soap like a crazy woman and actually having fantastic sells at my Etsy Shop. I am beyond grateful for all the sells and the awesome feedback all of you took the time to leave, thank you!!

Below are some of the soaps I made this year that have been awesome sellers!!

                                           Himalayan Pink Salt (Peach & Honey) Gingerbread Man
                                                           Peppermint EO Gingerbread Man
                                                            Pumpkin Spice Gingerbread Man 

 Herbal and Floral Infusion

One of my latest soaps I made  huckleberry unfortunately doesn't have a look that appeals to many (IMO), but if you could scratch and sniff your computer screen, I swear you would look beyond the funky design.  

If anyone would like to try my soap now is a great time - I am having a "Clear Out My Etsy Store To Make Room For New" sale.  Everything is 40% off if you use coupon code 40off at check out.  

Thanks for reading!