Thursday, August 6, 2009

Farmers Market

My son and I spent the day at the local Farmers Market selling my homemade soaps, meeting new people, and having wonderful conversation with the neighboring vendors. Due to the intense heat and humidity, the markets are not bringing out the copious amount of people that usually gather. Come late September this will change, and the crowds will gather once again, this is the norm for Florida; our off-season is summer.

Our local farmers market sells the greenest, crispest, flavorful produce. These vegetables are less expensive and fresher then you could find in any grocery store. The fruit is just as delicious: crisp red apples, blueberries galorethe biggest juiciest SWEET grapefruits you could hope.

Variety is the spice of life, and our local Farmers Market does deliver variety. Local honey, homemade perogies, British meat pies, the best BBQ homemade sauce that has been in the family for over 40 years!, to die for homemade cookies, cakes, bread, approved Audubon Society hand-crafted bird houses, Amish Cheeses, fresh herbs, plants, orchids, homemade natural dog / cat treats… and the list goes on.

A few times a month there is live music and each week a cooking demonstration by some impressive culinary chefs with free sampling and a recipe card. The atmosphere is relaxing with plenty of sitting with umbrellas to enjoy the food, drink, people, and scenery. I have vended at this farmers market since the birth over a year ago. I have to remind myself that even though it is off-season this market has been good to me with repeat customers, a couple of wholesale accounts, and the most invaluable “word of mouth”.

Buying from your local farmers market benefits you with fresh fruits and vegetables, meeting interesting people, and supporting local farmers and crafters.

How many of you support your local farmers market?

P.S. A BIG thank you to my 14 year old son who took all but two of these AWESOME pictures for me!!

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  1. I love shopping Farmers Markets! Unfortunately, there is not a good one in the area that we live right now. But you're right, the product is the freshest and the best! Great pics!
    Cindy B.