Sunday, November 11, 2012

Facebook Soap Pic Of The Week

So excited and honored! This picture was chosen as the photo of the week on the Soap Queen Blog.  It feels incredible to be recognized by someone who you respect. I have never met Anne -Marie, but she has been a long distance mentor for me - and she doesn't even know this!!  I have been making soap for about eight years and still learn tips, tricks, and get inspired by Soap Queen aka Anne-Marie.  Her attitude is uplifting and inspiring. For those who think Bramble Berry was an over night success should really read her story HERE.  After reading her story it gave me hope and some realization that you have to keep on keeping on.  Even though I love what I do, this doesn't mean it will come any easier to me.  I love making soap and selling it for a modest profit. Interacting with my customers brings me so much joy. Everything about the process from creating a skin loving soaping formulation to designing the label's and packaging is "JOY" for me. 

A big thank you to Bramble Berry for there amazing products. The soap that pictured above I used Bramble Berry "Relaxing" fragrance oil and Labcolors for high pH products. 

Don't forget you can win four bars of my soap - details HERE .


  1. You are so sweet, Brooke! I thought your soap was gorgeous, especially how you used the discoloration of the Relaxing FO to create such a fun contrast!

  2. What a cool looking bar of soap. Its a work of art!