Friday, July 31, 2009

Soap Imitates My Life

I love to make soap. I love to make soap that is beneficial to all. I spent over a year developing a formulation for my cold process soap that produces a hard bar, lathers well, cleanses, and does not strip away the skins natural oils. I love to make soap that smells divine. However, I am passionate and on a quest to make my soap a work of art.

I crave color and texture in my life and it only seems natural to incorporate these into my craft. Bright, bold, vivid colors give me goose bumps. Muted calm colors relax me. Pastels make me feel warm and fuzzy. I do not require symmetry in my life and this shines through my soaps. Give me uneven, jagged, bumpy, and irregular and I am fine.

How does your craft(s) imitate you and/or your life?

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